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Unlock the Perfect Timing for Your Dream Dress

As you embark on your journey to the altar, one of the most magical milestones is selecting the gown in which you'll say "I do." Discovering your dream dress is a pivotal chapter in your love story, with every stitch and seam contributing to the narrative of your big day. But amidst the excitement, you might wonder about the perfect timing for this significant purchase. Let's lift the veil on the timeline you didn't know you needed, ensuring a seamless and stress-free path to the perfect dress.

12-18 Months Out: Dream and Discover

Imagine yourself stepping into a gown that feels like a part of you and embraces every gorgeous curve. This vision starts with inspiration. Begin your bridal journey by compiling a vision board or Pinterest board brimming with gowns that spark your imagination. Think about your venue's ambiance, the season, and the overall aesthetic and vibe you're going for.

Venture into the world of silhouettes, fabrics, and textures with your heart leading the way. When you embark on this journey over a year ahead of your wedding, you're graced with the luxury of a diverse selection, the serenity of unrushed decisions, and the ease of deliberate, thoughtful alterations.

12 Months Out: The Ideal Window

As you step into the 12 month window before your wedding day, it's the perfect time to turn those dreams into reality. During this timeframe, you have the luxury of exploring a wide range of options, especially if you're wanting to customize your gown. With 4 to 6 months (sometimes more for custom orders) needed for crafting and delivery, making your selection now ensures you have plenty of time for personalized alterations and those special touches that make your gown truly yours.

Less Than 9 Months Out: Time-Sensitive Selection

With less than 9 months until your big day, it's time to get excited! Your perfect gown awaits, and our team is here to help you discover it with joy and ease. Planning a wedding on a tighter timeline requires flexibility, and we're experts at adapting to your needs. Now, we may be able to rush order a gown, but it truly depends on the designer and the dress. Now not all our dresses are available off the rack, but many are, and we'll do everything possible to accommodate your timeline. So take a deep breath and trust that your dream dress is right around the corner, ready to make your wedding day unforgettable!

3-5 Months Out: The Fitting Finale

Once your chosen gown finds its place in your wardrobe, the next step is all about making it truly yours. This is where alterations come in and work their magic. It's not just about getting the fit right; it's about ensuring that your dress feels like an extension of you. This crucial period allows for the nuanced tweaks—nipping, tucking, and embellishing—that transform a dress, into your dress. It's a time for personalized details, those intimate touches that whisper your name. We personally do not have an in house seamstess but we have some amazing recommendations!


Your journey from dream to dress is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and at New Ivory Bridal, we're honored to walk alongside you. With a timeline crafted for perfection, we invite you to book your appointment and begin a voyage that culminates in a dress that's as unique as your love story. Let's create memories together!


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