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Reflecting on our first year in business!

As we reflect on one-year since opening the doors of New Ivory, I find myself deep in reflection of the journey we’ve been on since the beginning. It feels like just yesterday that our very first bride, Anna and her crew walked through our doors. 

On April 29th, 2023, The love, joy, and support for Anna filled the room and set the tone for the entire appointment. Their infectious energy quickly solidified my love for the bridal industry and all the reasons that led to opening New Ivory.

The Gratitude I have for every bride who has put their trust in New Ivory to be part of their bridal journey runs deep in me. From the shared laughter, emotional tears, the “yes” moments, and all of the quiet reflection in between. Every moment has been special, and has made our first year in business nothing short of incredible. 

As we round the corner to the milestone, I extend my heartfelt thanks to every one of our Brides, friends, family and the community for everyone's unwavering support and love. It is truly an honor to be trusted in these moments with our brides. New Ivory remains committed to providing unmatched customer service and personal attention in order to create amazing memories for our brides and their loved ones. 

Here’s to celebrating the last year, savoring the present and charging forward into year two of New Ivory Bridal. Cheers!

XO Kristen, New Ivory Bridal


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